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    APEX Charts problem


      Hi, I am trying to make few bar graphs but encountered problems in that.


      There were 2 graphs which I wasn’t able to create though I have the data for it.


      1. I want to have bar chart with each bar representing a week (as shown in fig Q1.png) – just wanted to understand how can we write a SQL query where each bar is represented as a week (I have timestamp saved for each request). Each bar represents the number        of  requests fulfilled grouped by its status (Open/ Completed/ In-progress)



      2. I want to get the bars of Month grouped inside each fiscal quarter, but wasn’t able to write a query to execute that. I have the month and fiscal quarter stored for each request.

          Figure Q2.png shows the way I wish to see the Graph, is there a way to do it in APEX?




      Could you please guide me how to write the SQL for both?

      Thanks in advance for all your support.

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