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    ASCP 12.2.4 Target


      ASCP 12.2.4




      Hi ALL,


      We have current CRP setup of our ASCP target instance. We have applied lots of patches on it (more or less 20 patches of which 7 are so big as 5Gb when uncompressed).

      We do not want to repeat the tedious process of  applying those patches when we switch to UAT. Is it possible to clone the CRP instance to UAT and purge all the CRP test data?


      Is this Doc Note able can handle this cleanup?



      Steps to Consider after Cloning when Using Distributed Installation  particularly  Note 137293.1 - Section X to clean up the data in the APS Destination and reset the EBS Source and collect all data fresh and new into a new instance.


      Please ensure that you perform the below steps from #1 to 10. Once performed, please email me. I will continue the othe steps.




      X. ODS - ODS Data Cleanup - Dropping old ODS partition / Create and Setup a New Partition






      1.   Run SQL #4 to show your plans that need to be purged. 

       Purge all plans in the APS instance. Go to Supply Chain Plan / Names form, click the delete icon, answer the prompt and then save for each plan. If you have other plan types DRP, IO, SPP, RP - also purge those plans


      2.                        Check current instance partitions in the system using SQL #2. The only line(s) should be for the partition(s) currently in use to collect data from the Legacy or EBS Source Instance(s). 

       We do NOT recommend that you have any extra instance partitions with Free_flag = 1 on the system 


      3.                        Determine the instance_id to be removed using SQL #3.


      4.                        Drop the partition relating to the previous EBS Source Instance using Drop Partition Request and set the parameter Plan = No. OR the use SQL #9. 


      5.                        In the EBS Source Instance, remove the line from MRP_AP_APPS_INSTANCES_ALL (MRP_APPS_INSTANCES in 11.5.9 and BELOW)using SQL #10


      6.                        Finish the cleanup of the APS Destination Instance using SQL #6 and SQL #7.


      a.                          For instances with ODP data, also see SQL #11, SQL #12, and SQL #13


      b.                          After all SQL scripts are run data clean up is completed - in R12.x - Run request Cleanup Instance Partition with parameter Mode = Repair


      7.                        Add an ODS partition by submitting the request Create APS Partitions with Plan Partition = 0 and Instance Partition = 1 


      8.                        Setup the new instance to be collected from within the application.  See Setup the Instance and First Run of Data Collection


      9.                        Launch Gather Schema statistics for all on the APS instance.


      10.                    Set profile MSC: Source Setup Required = Yes (in 11.5, use Y) on the EBS Source Instance.


      11.                    Make sure statistics have been gathered on the EBS source instance.


      12.                    On EBS instance, launch Refresh Collections Snapshot with parameters Complete Refresh, ALL snapshots and others as default.


      13.                    Launch a Complete Refresh of Data Collection.


      14.                    Run Gather Schema Statistics for the MSC schema with the default parameters.


      15.                    Setup the Organization Security for the Responsibilities. The lack of setups will cause an error in Plan Options / Organization Tab. There will not be a list of values available. Viewing Plans after they have run will not be possible without these setups.


      16.                    Run the ASCP Plans. If the plan fails, then re-run it once more. If failure continues and it was working fine on the SAME code on the previous instance, then try Step 9 again and run the plan again.



      Please help.....


      Kind regards,