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    Changing Email Addresses in CRM


      I need help, Topliners!


      We integrate with a Microsoft Dynamics Product - Ellucian. Currently, we load contacts to Eloqua using the unique identifier of "Email Address" via an auto sync.


      We're running into problems of the email address getting updated in CRM. We've built a solution to handle when records are merged in the CRM, but can't seem to resolve the situation when an email address is simply updated in the CRM system by an employee. Now our team has multiple email addresses in the system with duplicate contact CRM IDs.


      The tricky part comes from the fact that we have a Custom Data Object that only pulls in CRM ID - therefore CRM ID is the unique identifier. The confusion with mapping comes with the duplicate CRM IDs in Eloqua.


      What is your suggested solution? We're in need of help!