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    Oracle Database XE, APEX, ORDS, Tomcat and httpd on CentOS 7 explained!

    Denis Savenko

      Greetings to the great APEX community. Not so long ago I installed a fully working APEX environment on my really tiny server powered by CentOS 7.4


      After that I decided to write a series of blog post about what are the components of such an environment, why we need them and how to install and configure them. And now, I just wanna share this all-in-one guide with the community.

      Here's the direct link: http://dsavenko.me/oracledb-apex-ords-tomcat-httpd-centos7-all-in-one-guide-introduction/


      Hope you'll love it!


      P.S. And answering the question in advance I am not hiding the fact that my guide was inspired by almost the same guide by Morten Braten. Although, there are many differences in approaches and versions of the software (beginning with the CentOS version, which is 7th in my guide and 6th in Morten's).