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        Gianni Ceresa

        To recap the various pieces above, for your need the most effective way (IMHO) is runcat.sh by command line.


        runcat.sh -cmd rename -help

        runcat.sh -cmd replace -help


        These 2 gives you the help of the 2 commands with examples and all the options. I would run them in offline mode as it will also cover the /users folders.


        To practice the commands you can also create a copy of the whole catalog (linux file system copy of the folder containing "root" and "root.atr") somewhere else on the disk and then execute runcat.sh against that copy with " -offline <path to the folder> " and checking if the XML inside the objects got updated correctly (encoding in command line can still be different than Catalog Manager GUI).


        Actually I just saw something which could help in and no idea if it was already there in, look at the "help" for the rename command:


        # Command : -cmd rename -help


        rename                  Renames an item in the catalog



        Renames an item in the web catalog


        For more information, please see the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite

        Enterprise Edition's Presentation Services Administration Guide.



        runcat.cmd/runcat.sh -cmd rename

                -old <old path> -new <new path>


                [-folder <path{:path}>] [-skipFolder <path{:path}>]

                [-folderFromFile <path of inclusion list file>] [-skipFolderFromFile <path of exclusion list file>]

                ( (-offline <path of catalog>) | (-online <OBIPS url> -credentials <credentials properties file>) )


        Basic Arguments

                -old <old path>

                -new <new path>


        Optional Arguments

        -smart                          Indicates that references to the item being renamed must be fixed as well

        -folder <path{:path}>           Which folders in the catalog to fix all references (only when -smart is specified)

        -skipFolder <path{:path}>       Which ones not to (only when -smart is specified)

        -folderFromFile <path of inclusion list file>           File containing folders in the catalog to fix all references (only when -smart is specified)

        -skipFolderFromFile <path of exclusion list file>       File containing which ones not to fix references(only when -smart is specified)


        Common Arguments

        -offline <path of catalog>

        -online <OBIPS url>

        -credentials <credentials properties file>      ----- Sample Credential File ------

                                                        @ login=weblogic

                                                        @ pwd=weblogic1


        -folderFromFile <folder from file>              ----- Sample Folder From File ------




        -skipFolderFromFile <skip folder from file>     ----- Sample Skip Folder From File ------





        runcat.cmd/runcat.sh -cmd rename -offline c:\oraclebi\data\web\catalog\paint -old "/shared/financials/2008 Model" -new "/shared/financials/2009 Model"


        "Return status from Catalogmanager command : 0"

        The "smart" argument sounds nice ... I must admit I never used it or tested it, and so I have no idea how smart it really is ... I just hope it doesn't just create a shortcut with the old name pointing to the new name

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          Pedro F

          A bit late to this and as usual, Gianni and Christian already told you all you need to know but just a few quick notes.


          I prefer to use runcat through the command line rather than the catalog manager, you just have more options. When it comes to what you're looking for (replacing paths), that can easily be done through the runcat replace command Gianni just posted. However, you do need to be aware of special characters as they mentioned, what you see in the front-end (analytics) it's not necessarily the value that exists in the physical file. To make sure, it's always better to open the object you're trying to change the path reference with an editor like Vi just to look at the characters.


          For most things though, you should be able to replace most of your paths by doing something like:


          runcat.sh -cmd replace -offline $CATALOGPATH -folder "/shared/ABC:/shared/XYZ" -old "/shared/Finance/Summary Analysis" -new "/shared/Finance/Summary"


          $CATALOGPATH is the path to your catalog such as - .../user_projects/domains/bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/catalog

          with the folder option you can specify in which folder you want to run the replace operation (in this case it would only run on objects inside folders ABC and XYZ under the shared folder) and you would be replacing all paths "shared/Finance/Summary Analysis" by "/shared/Finance/Summary".


          In general, if you're just trying to replace paths that have, at most, space characters, what I put there will work. If you have any other special characters, you may need to try a couple of times before getting it right.


          Most importantly, definitely do a backup of the whole catalog before running any of these commands, there's no undo option!


          Gianni: never tried that -smart option, so don't know how smart it is.

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            Christian Berg

            It literally just does what the GUI does with "keep references" or "update references"

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              Charles M

              Thanks Gianni. I was able to do the rename from the catalog manager. Seems like everything is ok, as far as the new path is concerned. I was able to access/view all of the dashboards in the shared folder without any issues.


              Also, I did a search on the old path, and tried a find and replace again, but neither found any matches for the old path


              I am going to work on the command line tool now for a bit, and see if I can find anything out about the users' folders. We actually don't have very many individual users in our Dev instance, so I'm not even sure if anyone has anything saved with that old path in it.





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                Charles M

                Ok, I was able to use the command line method. I can see that it made all of the changes under the shared folder. However, it did not make any changes to any of the users folders. Strange, because when I did it with the catalog manager, it did modify one user folder (the user I was logged in as ... ).

                • 20. Re: Renaming the shared folder path
                  Charles M

                  Hi All -


                  Thanks for all of the input on this. I think we answered/covered my question ... and added some clarifications & helpful hints.


                  I appreciate the participation.





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                    Christian Berg

                    Great! Thanks for following up, Charles!

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