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    Building Portlets Declaratively tutorial (web service as data source)

      [I mistakenly posted this on the Portal Applications forum earlier.]

      I'm going through the Building Portlets Declaratively tutorial. In the Creating a Portlet Using a Web Service as a Data Source section, I enter the WSDL URL and click the Show Parameters button, and no parameters are returned, as expected. I then click the Next button to go to the Filter page. The Column dropdown list contains only the <none> and ERROR items. I returned to the previous page and clicked the Test button. This is the result:

      <ns1:getEmpXMLResponse xmlns:ns1="oracle.ws.scott.OTNDeptEmp" SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap/literalxml" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
      oracle.xml.sql.OracleXMLSQLException: Io exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=168821760)(ERR=12505)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12505)(EMFI=4))))

      I get the same response when I use this page to test getEmpXML: http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/webservices/hostedservices_index.html

      Is there a different service that I should now be calling (i.e., is OTNDeptEmp.getEmpXML no longer available?)?