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    Items above/below region content

      For report regions that also contain page items, it seems we can only control the placement of items (above or below the report) if the region is placed in the Page Template Body position.

      If the region is placed in other page template positions, the items are placed below the region content.

      1. This seems like a arbitrary restriction, is there a way to control item placement in report regions regardless of which page template position they occupy?

      2. Also, the Region Header text for report regions containing page items (above region content), is emitted above the items. I would like it to be put right before the report region because it usually contains some sort of usage instructions (Click here to do this and stuff). Is there a way to do this?

      [Yes, I can put the header text in the report template itself, right before the report table starts, but then I would need to create a template for each report region, sort of defeats the purpose of a template!]