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    OBIEE 11g, Selection Step "override with presentation variable" only works when set with Column value, not Variable value.


      I have created 2 separate analyses on the same dashboard, but they are identical apart from the Selection Steps. In analysis A, the Selection Step is overridden by a presentation variable PV_COLUMN_VALUE, in analysis B, it's set by PV_VARIABLE_VALUE. The Selection Steps in each case are of course operating on the same hierarchy.


      In the prompt section I've created 2 prompts. One, a column value, the other a variable value.


      In the analyses, I show the values of each presentation variable. Even when each PV has the exact same value, analysis A respects the value and executes the selection steps correctly, analysis B seems to completely ignore the selection steps.


      Any ideas? I'm assuming this is not the intended behaviour?