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    Data copy between corresponding Accounts


      Hi all,

      We need copy data from one account to other which sounds simple but here is the actual risk

      we have a accounts which ends with A_?????_Alfa and A_?????_Beta, every parent node will have set of Alfa and Beta Accounts
      . . . and so on...

      now i want Alfa Account should be equal to Beta Account
      A_12345_Alfa = A_12345_Beta;
      A_23456_Alfa = A_23456_Beta;
      ..and so on..

      but this has to be dynamic

      my code is

      @MATCH(A_Parent, "?????????_Alfa") = @MATCH(A_Parent, "?????????_Beta");
      DATACOPY  @MATCH(A_Parent, "?????????_Beta") to @MATCH(A_Parent, "?????????_Alfa");
      but none is validating ..