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    OBIEE12c VA Subject Area Access

    Vinodh NK

      Hi All,


      Facing issue with OBIEE 12c VA - where in users not able to see subject areas in VA. RPD subject areas permissions are mapped using application role.


      OBIEE Version :




      Visual Analyzer permission was removed from BIContentAuthor role policies.


      New application role BIVisualAnalyzer was created and mapped with VA Application policy oracle.bi.tech.visualanalyzer.generalAccess.


      Application roles mapepd to BIVisualAnalyzer will get access to VA.


      Consider, UserA -> Mapped to LDAP group "Group_RegionA_VA" -> which is mapped to Application role "AppRole_RegionA_VA"


      Then "Approle_RegionA_VA" will be mapped to "BIVisualAnalyzer" for VA permission.


      The BIVisualAnalyzer role is mapped to BIConsumer and BIcontentAuthor for getting presentation layer privileges.


      In RPD there are two subject areas SubjectArea_A, and SubjectArea_B. Subject ares are mapped with relevant custom roles and not mapped to default out of the box roles and Authenticate-user role.


      SubjectArea_A is mapped with "AppRole_RegionA_VA" role and user "UserA" with "AppRole_RegionA_VA" should see only subject area.




      Now, when the user login to OBIEE12c on VA -> Subject Areas are not visible and showing empty.


      The same code base (RPD + Setup) is working fine in Development environment and this issue occurs only in Test environment and for VA only  (analysis subject areas are coming fine).


      It will be great if someone throws some insight into this issue.


      Please let me know if you need any more information on this.