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    OBIEE nesting



      i hope i will be able to explain my issue.

      I am using OBIEE 12 c and this is what I need to do.

      I create pivot table and drag rows and columns, however i need to have a bit detailed column under my column that is already there depending on a value from fact table.

      But not for every value from my column, just some of the values.

      Measure is count. For example ,  every value count is 3, i need to separate only value2 by its groups.  I know i can do it by drill or some other way in another report, but sadly this is the way they want it if is anyway possible.

      I will try to write it down under this post,.



                     COLUMN.value 1                             COLUMN.value2                                                  COLUMN.value3

                     COLUMN.value 1          detailvalue2    detailvalue2  detailvalue2                                COLUMN.value3


      ROW 1           3                                  1                      1                      1                                                   3