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    Pl. help me with app-ids or high level qualifiers


      Is there a link or document that can tell me what are the app-ids or high level qualifiers for all the oracle applications (Ex: GL - General ledger )

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          I compiled it myself,

          ABM - Activity Based Management
          AD - Applications DBA
          AHL - Oracle Advanced Service Online
          AK - Oracle Common Modules-AK
          ALR - Oracle Alert
          AMF - Oracle Fulfillment Services
          AMS - Oracle Marketing
          AP - Oracle Payables
          AR - Oracle Receivables
          AS - Oracle Sales
          ASG - Oracle CRM Gateway for Mobile Services
          ASL - Oracle Mobile Field Sales Laptop
          ASO - Oracle Order Capture
          AST - TeleSales
          AX - Global Accounting Engine
          AZ - Application Implementation
          BEN - Oracle Advanced Benefits
          BIC - Customer Intelligence
          BIL - Sales Intelligence
          BIM - Marketing Intelligence
          BIS - Oracle Applications BIS
          BIX - Call Center Intelligence
          BNE - Oracle Web ADI
          BOM - Oracle Bills of Material
          BSC - Balanced Scorecard
          CCT - Oracle Call Center and Telephony
          CE - Oracle Cash Management
          CHV - Oracle Supplier Scheduling
          CLN - Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet
          CN - Oracle Sales Compensation
          CS - Oracle Service
          CSC - Customer Care
          CSD - Depot Repair
          CSE - Oracle Enterprise Install Base
          CSF - Field Service
          CSI - Install Base
          CSM - Oracle Field Service Palm
          CSP - Oracle Spares Management
          CSR - Oracle Scheduler
          CSS - Support
          CUG - Oracle Citizen Interaction Center
          CUN - Oracle Network Logistics NATS
          CZ - Oracle Configurator
          EAM - Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
          EC - Oracle e-Commerce Gateway
          ECX - Oracle XML Gateway
          EDR - Oracle E Records
          ENG - Oracle Engineering
          FII - Financials Intelligence
          FLM - Oracle Flow Manufacturing
          FND - Application Object Library
          FTE - Oracle Transportation Hub
          FV - Oracle Federal Financials
          GHR - Oracle Federal HR
          GL - Oracle General Ledger
          GMA - Oracle Process Manufacturing Systems
          GMD - Oracle Process Manufacturing Product Development
          GME - Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution
          GMF - Oracle Process Manufacturing Financials
          GMI - Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory
          GML - Oracle Process Manufacturing Logistics
          GMP - Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Planning
          GMS - Oracle Grants Accounting
          GR - Oracle Process Regulatory Mgmt
          HRI - Human Resources Intelligence
          HXC - Oracle Time and Labor
          HXT - Oracle Time and Labor Rules
          IBA - iMarketing
          IBC - Oracle iContent
          IBE - iStore
          IBU - iSupport
          IBY - iPayment
          ICX - Oracle Self-Service Web Applications
          IEB - Oracle Interaction Blending
          IEC - Oracle Campaign Plus
          IEM - Oracle eMail Center
          IEO - Call Center Technology
          IES - Scripting
          IEU - Oracle Universal Work Queue
          IEX - Oracle Collections
          IGC - Commitment Administration
          IGF - Student Systems Fin Aid
          IGI - Oracle International Public Sector Financials
          IGS - Oracle Student Sytems
          IGW - Oracle Grants Proposal
          INV - Oracle Inventory
          IPD - Oracle Product Development Exchange
          ISC - Supply Chain Intelligence
          JTF - CRM Foundation
          JTM - Oracle CRM Mobile Foundation
          JTS - Oracle CRM Self Service Administration
          MRP - Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP
          MSC - Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
          MSD - Oracle Demand Planning
          OFA - Oracle Assets
          OKC - Oracle Contracts Core
          OKI - Oracle Contracts Intelligence
          OKL - Oracle Lease Management
          OKR - Oracle Contracts for Rights
          OKS - Oracle Contracts Service Module
          ONT - Oracle Order Management
          OPI - Operations Intelligence
          OTA - Oracle Training Administration
          OZF - Funds & Budgets
          PA - Oracle Projects
          PAY - Oracle Payroll
          PER - Oracle Human Resources
          PJM - Oracle Project Manufacturing
          PN - Oracle Property Manager
          PO - Oracle Purchasing
          POA - Purchasing Intelligence
          POM - Oracle Exchange
          PON - Oracle Sourcing
          POS - Internet Supplier Portal
          PQH - Oracle Public Sector HR
          PSA - Public Sector Applications
          PSB - Oracle Public Sector Budgeting
          PSP - Oracle Labor Distribution
          PV - Partner Relationship Management
          QA - Oracle Quality
          QP - Oracle Pricing
          QRM - Oracle Risk Management
          RG - Application Report Generator
          RLM - Oracle Release Management
          VEA - Oracle Automotive
          WIP - Oracle Work in Process
          WMS - Oracle Warehouse Management System
          WSH - Oracle Shipping
          WSM - Shop Floor Management
          XDP - Oracle Provisioning
          XNC - Oracle Sales for Communications
          XNI - Oracle Install Base Intelligence
          XNP - Oracle Number Portability
          XNS - Oracle Service for Communications
          XTR - Oracle Treasury
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            Thanks a lot

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              For your information, you can find this list also in System Administrator responsibility, path: Application: Register.

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