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    Exadata x5/x6/x7 recommended patches


      Hello colleagues,


      I have some simple and stupid question

      Is there any recommended patches for exadata with virtualization and ACFS? I am trying to find some recommendations and bugfixes for well known bugs for ASM and Oracle home, but unsuccessful.

      Thank You

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          Nishant Baurai



          Refer to Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server Supported Versions (Doc ID 888828.1)





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            i know this note very well, but I am searching something from DBA experience.

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              Generally because Exadata is such a standardised platform the risk to be close to the release qfsdp is not high so in most case an n or n-1 strategy for the qfsdp is the best way to go..Are you facing specific issues ?



              If you have an option it is always best not to virtualize your database machine as you avoid any potential overheads of the virtualization though since the virtual Io on Exadata uses infiniband virtual functions it has much less effect than scsi but you will face some overheads due to vnic virtualization.

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                the first is to take alook into the Note 888828.1.


                Then it depends a little bit how often you plan to do the Patching. May be most of the customers did a Patching two times a year Spring and Winter for example.


                The DBA Part of the Patching is more or less the same as for Patching an Oracle Database so opatch.


                For virtualization there is no special document. Exadata release and patch (28000787) (Doc ID 2397397.1)

                here an example the Doc-ID has itself information if you use virtualization.


                But what is your real problem?



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                  every week we face some new issue, so it is hard to say what is the real problem. However on ACS support calls we got response "yeah I saw that exact problem on other customer environment." Then we got a nonworking patch, multiple times. Now I am trying to find people with similar environment/issues/experience.

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                    okay I know these problems and it is of course not easy to communicate with the Oracle Support.


                    Hardware issue should be solved by the so called ASR System which you hopefully have configured.

                    Otherwise you as customer need to create an Hardware Service Request and do the whole organization for this.


                    If it is the first Exadata in your environment you will have in the beginning a curve to learn all these daily tasks.


                    May be you should check your IT Organization and separate the daily tasks

                    - Network and Operating System by some System Admins

                    - Storage, Grid, RDBMS by Oracle DBA's




                    Check Publications: "Oracle Exadata Life Cycle & Services" it is from 2014 but really state of the art.


                    Take a look to my Blog there is a paper about the Lifecycle and how you can do it.





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                      thanks for publication & link. Currently we are separated to more teams, that is not the case.

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                        but then I don't understand why you are so struggling?

                        Where is your real problem?


                        As mentioned the first step is to check the "Exadata bible" 888828.1 Note and if you don't find something open an SR.

                        If the answer is not okay for you then escalate the SR and ask for more details.

                        May be open the SR when the Support came from the US timezone.

                        Sometimes it helps but take into account that the different local time could be a problem.