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    Who here embeds Eloqua forms in their CMS? (external site)


      Hey fellow marketers!


      Our goal is to stop the use of iframes for our Eloqua forms.


      Today, all of our Eloqua forms are hosted in the Eloqua landing pages, which are then iframed on our website.


      We want to remove the iframes because it generates Internal landing pages tracking on contacts, which we don't want anymore.


      Embedding an Eloqua form on an external site is easy, and there's documentation on it. The problem we have however, is that we use Sharepoint as our CMS, and the whole page content itself is contained within a form (<form>), that's how the Sharepoint CMS works apparently.


      So, having to embed an Eloqua form in our page, means embedding a <form> within a <form>, which apparently can cause a lot of issues. (for example, a submit button being pressed can confuse the browser as to whether which form was submitted... the Eloqua one, or the Sharepoint one?)


      So, my question is more specifically targeted to Sharepoint users, but definitely still open to hear about other CMS users:


      Have you had any issues with the embed? Any problems that you had to deal with, and how you solved them, or got around them?


      Thanks so much!