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    Force Model Unlock in Oracle Configurator


      Hey folks,


      Had a look around and this issue hasn't come up before. So, we're rebuilding our entire suite of models in Configurator 12.2.1, and we had some kind of communication fail today. The model I was working on was our global reference model and when I now try to access it I can see it in RO mode only. When I try to unlock it I get a browser timeout error. If I try to edit it (as the system still sees it locked to my account, I get an error that another user has locked this model. This leaves us kinda stuck as all models referencing it cannot have their logic regenerated for testing, and new models coming on stream cannot even reference it.


      Any help would be appreciated. An SR has already been raised but if you guys were able to help me out sooner I'd surely appreciate it. My thanks in advance, and to any readers from the US, happy 4th of July!