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    Double form submits

    Mike de Wildt



      we send out event emails each month. This goes without any hussle untill today. I do not seem to understand why the following is happening but I did made some changes in:

      - the confirmation emails

      - the custom objects within those emails


      The problem I am facing is that I receive two confirmations mails. At first I thought I made a mistake in the HTML but it also happens on pages that I haven't changed so I guess it has to do with the processes lying beneath it.


      this is the form processing for an attending person. I check Allow Resending because next month this same contact is being invited and the email is the same each month. The condition I am using is "if form field X is attending than send this email'. I have the same rule for non-attending.


      Does anyone have an idea why this is happening all of a sudden.


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          Bob at Elemental Marketing

          First thing I'd check is if your conditions are working properly. I assume you've checked this already, but are you sending the right email in both processing steps, and are both conditions properly configured?


          If that's not it, you can try copying/recreating the form, maybe there's a bug in the processing steps where it's somehow in there twice (I've seen some crazy things happen with processing steps in the past).


          You could check the email's dependencies. That should list any assets in Eloqua that send this email. If the form processing step is the only place it shows up in, that pretty much rules out Eloqua as a cause.


          Does it happen only to you, or with other people's email addresses too?

          Could it be something within your email exchange server that reroutes the email to yourself an extra time?

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            Mike de Wildt

            Just replaced the old 'send submitter an email' steps with two brand new ones ... now I have received 4 emails after my submit It happens to all of the submitters


            "Could it be something within your email exchange server that reroutes the email to yourself an extra time?" This I would have to check out

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              Bob at Elemental Marketing

              If it happens to everyone, I'd rule out the email exchange thing.


              Nothing in the Email's dependencies? Maybe an external service that does this? If it keeps happening and you've exhausted all options, shoot in a Support Request I guess.

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                Mike de Wildt

                perhaps something with the Custom Data Object I write the submits to but ... in no case I can link that with a processing step 'send mail to submitter'


                Just did post an SR


                thanks for you quick support

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                  Bob at Elemental Marketing

                  I almost can't imagine, because you have to deliberately set this up, but: no Custom Object Record Service is running on the CDO you're writing to?

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                    Jason Cooper

                    Have you checked your Form Submission Data? Are there 2 form submits recorded, or just one?

                    I ask because I frequently get multiple form submits, all with the same timestamp. I don't know what causes it. I thought it might be the visitor double-clicking the submit button, so I put in some JavaScript to disable the form after it is submitted the first time. But I still observe multiple form submits.

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                      Mike de Wildt

                      You are spot on. There is indeed no CORS running connected to this form. I just turned of both email processing steps and obviously no emails are being sent  any longer.


                      When I activate just on (lets say sign up to the event), I again receive two confirmation e-mails.


                      When I activate the second one as well (confirmation of not going to the event) I receive two confirmation emails of my absence.


                      Good thing: I do not receive mixed content any longer (ten minutes ago, before deleting the processing steps i received confirmation mails of both statusses).

                      Bad thing: the problem still occurs.

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                        Mike de Wildt

                        two for each submit


                        strange thing is: i reuse the same form and the same html email month over month. I have not made changes to that specific html, so I rule out that thát causes the multiple submits.


                        I do want to mention that all of the submits are by blind form submit.

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                          Bob at Elemental Marketing

                          Did you double-check the BFS link in the email html? No weird double-anchor tag going on or something? Typo in the BFS link? I know you said you didn't change anything but if submission data also shows 2 records, we are getting closer to the source ;-)

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                            Mike de Wildt

                            Ha, I guess thats a fair question. I just checked the invitation of this month and compared it to the month before which worked fine for me and my colleagues. Both emails give back two confirmations of my attendance. I tripple checked by sending a way older invite to my email address with the same results, unfortunately.

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                              Mike de Wildt

                              I just received info from a colleague of mine who claims, and I checked, to have received just one email. I do see two submits in her case. There are also colleagues who recieved one email and who have only one form submit under the specific asset. This perhaps makes it slightly more complicated

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                                Mike de Wildt

                                I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and it bothers me ... Could it be that something changed in general with BFS in Eloqua? Because I created a test landingpage with the same form on the landingpage and that gives back only one email. And as I said (and checked in previous emails) I have not changed anything to the html


                                A BFS according to a post from 2015 shoud look like this: http://s[siteID].t.eloqua.com/e/f2.aspx?elqFormName=[FormName]&elqSiteID=[siteID]&emailAddress=<span%20class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&[TrackedField]=[StaticValue]


                                Eloqua converts this to (in my case)

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                                  Bob at Elemental Marketing

                                  That link is still how BFS works, so that should be fine. Looks like the link is somehow submitting the form twice...

                                  Do you have a Redirect to Webpage on the BFS form that somehow loops the form submit or something?

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                                    Mike de Wildt

                                    I have written down the whole schema of this campaign/event and that is my last bit of 'hope' ... a loop. I did recently changed the redirect page so I def have to take a look into that, thanks!

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