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    APEX Survey Builder Tutorial


      hi Team,


      do we have a tutorial on the APEX Package Survey Builder ?


      Not being an expert in APEX, while it is very useful to do reverse engineering, I would have very much appreciate a Tutorial Design that will have draw the app skeleton and its functionality.

      Do we have such tutorials for the APEX Packages app ?


      Some of the Packaged APPs are very self intuitive and I did not feel I need any additional explanation at all ( didn't try all of them neither), but for some reason I feel the need of more explanations in the case of Survey Builder, as I have the sensation I am missing more available functionality that I would have like to implement it as a best practice in my own app.


      PS: I found really great value in these APEX Package Apps, a while ago someone introduced me APEX as "a better alternative to Excel", I believe there is more beyond that :-) and these apps help you assert those values pretty fast.