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    BIOS/ILOM update for a Sun/Oracle  X3-2 (X4170 M3)


      Hi guys, anyone around who can help me to get an old but good server back to life? I need to get the most recent BIOS/ILOM/OSA firmware to get the last Intel security patches and maybe the update would solve a problem I'm having with a Intel P3700 PCIe HHHL SSD I have acquired to install it in this server and use it as a test lab,


      The server:


      Sun/Oracle X3-2 (X4170 M3)

      Manufacturing date: 2013-04-22

      P/N: 31717647+1+1

      S/N: 1316FMLOT4


      Current ILOM/BIOS:

      ILOM r72425



      The current BIOS is the first release (2012) and the OSA software is 1.0