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    fs_clone fails on a 12.2.6 env


      Hello Gurus,

      We have the following configuration:


      Database: Node RAC with on Oracle Super Cluster

      Applications: 2 Nodes with Shared APPL_TOP.



      When I invoke fs_clone from Admin Server, it fails with below message. Has anybody faced this.


          Running "adop phase=fs_clone" actions on node(s): sbc-app03-ebs02

           Remote execution results xml output file: /u01/oracle_gold/12.2/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/10/20180713_064500/fs_clone/remote_execution_result_level1.xml

          [ERROR]     Node: "sbc-app03-ebs02"  Status: "failed"

          [ERROR]     adop phase=fs_clone failed on Node: "sbc-app03-ebs02"

          [STATEMENT] SQL Statment : "    update ad_adop_session_patches

          set    status='F' ,end_date=to_date('','DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')

          where  applied_file_system_base='/u01/oracle_gold/12.2/fs2'

          and    patch_file_system_base='/u01/oracle_gold/12.2/fs1'

          and    bug_number IN ('CLONE','CONFIG_CLONE')

          and    status NOT IN ('Y','X')

          and    appltop_id=230

          and    node_name IN ('sbc-app03-ebs02')


          [ERROR]     adop phase=fs_clone failed or is incomplete on Admin node: sbc-app03-ebs02

          [ERROR]     Unable to continue processing on other available nodes: sbc-app01-ebs01

          [UNEXPECTED]Error running "adop phase=fs_clone" on node(s): sbc-app03-ebs02.





      [EVENT]     Stopping services on patch file system.

          [EVENT]     Stopping admin server.