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      • 30. Re: Need help on wrting efficient triggers.
        Sven W.

        Mike Kutz wrote:




        Just for Reference: If you use APEX ( 5.0+ ), you would access APEX$SESSION and APP_USER


        1. coalesce(sys_context('userenv','client_identifier')--someotherapplication
        2. ,sys_context('APEX$SESSION','APP_USER')--APEX5.0+
        3. ,sys_context('userenv','session_user'))--OracleUSER(egSQL*Plus/SQL*Developer)


        Just for reference. This would not work well in an Apex environment. You need to switch the order of the contexts around.




        Apex sets the client_identifier as APP_USER:SESSION_ID (might be the other way round). So you would always store something like "MIKE:1234567890".

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