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    New DB release schedule - what will happen to the OCP certifications?


      Hi all,


      Just saw Mike Dietrich's video about new Oracle DB release schedule. The question is - What will happen to our OCP certificates with this new release schedule. Basically he says that Oracle wants to issue new DB release every year, and what previously was a patchset, now will become a new release. For example there will be no patchset but Oracle 18c instead. Next year it will be no Oracle, but something like Oracle 19c. Does it means that Oracle requires us from now on to perform yearly recertification to be in "active" state? for example, I am an 12c OCP. There is also 12.2 OCP certification (1Z0-074). Since 18c ( actually) will be available on premices this year, does that mean that i have to take upgrade exam (12.1 to actually) otherwise my certification will expire. It looks like Oracle splits 12c certification to 12.1 OCP, OCP and (18c) OCP.