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    Noob Question: How "fat" is APEX on Oracle-XE?




      I believe this is a real newbie question, but I could not find any kind of answer.


      I am going to use Oracle-XE 11g2 for a statistical and analyzing application for our sales.

      We are not a big company and 11G will probably enough for our data for a hundred years.


      Until now, I have some long-time experience in MySQL and also a little MSSQL, Firebird et al.

      But I like the Oracle and PL/SQL capabilities which seem to fit great to my current plans.

      So this gonna be an Oracle project.

      Data collecting and staging is already in progress.


      Now APEX looks very nice for building our small but versatile data warehousing and reporting app.

      However, I ask myself how much data space this will cost, as it resides completely inside the database?

      11G might a hard limit on the long run if APEX itself consumes e.g. 5G of them.

      The alternative approach would be to build the application externally, but as I understood this will be much more manual programming work. And I like APEX and would prefer to learn and use it.


      My question is: Is there some information how big APEX's own data space will grow?

      Are there thumb rules? How big are the pictures?


      Thank you very much!