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    Establishing an Hierarchical order of all those applications


      With SQL


         ,decode(fpi.STATUS,'I','Licensed', 'N','Not Licensed','S','Shared','Undetermined') STATUS
        FROM fnd_product_installations fpi
            ,fnd_application fa
            ,fnd_application_tl fat
       WHERE fa.application_id = fpi.application_id(+) 
         AND fat.application_id = fa.application_id
         AND fat.LANGUAGE = USERENV ('LANG')
         and decode(fpi.STATUS,'I','Licensed', 'N','Not Licensed','S','Shared','Undetermined')  <> 'Not Licensed';


      I can get a neat list of all applications.used/licensed in our OEBS.


      The list is quite detailled, thus I miss some grouping attributes. Some Applications are base technology, some belong to specific business functions like finance, sales, production, Scm.


      Does OEBS offer some means to reorganize these applications into some structured tree-like overview grouping those applications into more general subjects?

      If not can you provide a custom table doing such groupings take make broader sense?