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    Weighted average cost - Purchase receipt and LCR receipt issue


      Jd Edwards- procurement process.


      Turkish law states the total cost for item should be applied/absorbed before using for further transaction.  In our situation, there is difference of 12-14 days of item receipt and LCR receipt, so business do not receive inventory till they receive LCR receipt. LCR amount gets added to cost. Weighted average being calculated at time of  LCR receipt, this system is followed.

      we planning to look forward some workaround/solution so that business can receive item and start consuming on day 1 and later receive LCR and apply delta cost to item and balance F4111 and F0911. We are thinking how to go ahead about this. Please guide if someone has faced same issue.

      Item is received initially and LCR after certain days in system -- In between this interval, there will be transactions[Inventory reclassification(from RM to FG), FG sales, IA] etc transactions takes place. Lets say item A received with qty 10 and cost 10 on day 1. Item is consumed from day 1. On day 10 we receive LCR and on that day we have qty 2 of said item. in F43121, AVCO field gets updated with amount which is not applied on consumed 8 quantity, however how can we allocate this cost to transactions down the line which has happened between item receipt and LCR receipt. Also, we want to take care of integrity issues. Note: Finished goods is not sold from warehouse unless LCR is received.