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    Interactive Grid - Color cells using Dynamic Action After Refresh


      Hi Guys,


      We have recently migrated to latest Apex version - 18.1 from 5.0 and wanted to explore Interactive Grid which looks very interesting and has several capabilities. But just wondering If we can write a simple JS code in After Refresh event of the Grid to color cells based on a specific condition. I tried writing it but the DA is not executing the code which is written.


      Eg: A simple Non editable IG based on employees table and we want to give back ground color as green in case of salary exists and Red in case if it does not exists..



      if($(this).text() != '')

           $(this).css({'background-color': 'green'});


           $(this).css({'background-color': 'red'});



      SALARY_SID is the STATIC ID of SALARY column.


      Any pointers? Or Is there a different way of achieving this? Tried searching a lot but could not get any break through.