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      • 15. Re: Oracle 7.5 SSSD and Samba

        You might check for basic connectivity to your smb server with smbclient.


        Here is an example:


        $ smbclient -e //smb3enc.somecompany.com/shush -U nt_username -W dom -mSMB3


        Enter DOM\NT_USERNAME's password:

        Domain=[DOM] OS=[] Server=[]

        smb: \> quit


        Note the above call requires encrypted smb3. The smbclient binary will allow you to get and put files similar to FTP.


        This gives me a similiar error - session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS

        • 16. Re: Oracle 7.5 SSSD and Samba

          I would suggest that you break the domain connection and define a local password file. Get a working configuration that you can open with smbclient, then try to map from a Windows client.


          I don't have enough experience with Samba integration in Active Directory to help you debug the Kerberos setting.

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