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    OBIEE 12 C App Roles issue


      Hi All,


      We are trying to implement Data level security at App Role level.

      We see that Application role filters are not being applied, even though the session variables are populated.


      Step 1 : Created Groups in Active Directory.

      Step 2 : Configured Web logic to see the groups created in Active Directory.

      Step 3: Created Roles in EM and linked roles to the groups.

      Step 4: Created Row-wise Init block s and cosponsoring session variables.

      Step 5: Created Data filters on Application Roles using session variables created in the previous step.


      Result: No Data level filtering is applied. We verified the session variable ( By adding as a filter to the column), they are getting populated.


      Please let us know.




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          Robert Angel

          Best advice, check all possible points of failure.


          1. Put your diagnostics up to max, run your analysis, check the physical sql generated, does it contain the extra logic in the where clause?

          2. Check the roles and groups associated with the user - are they what you expect?



          Also, did you apply the filter against the fact table, dimension table or both?


          If just against the dimension table are you using the dimension in question in the analysis, if not then the filter will not be applied.


          If this is not helpful can you provide some screenshots of the key elements of your row level security and an analysis that should be using it?