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    SQL Developer with SSL on AWS Cloud connection > failed with I/O-Fehler: General SSLEngine problem

    Tobias Arnhold



      I'm trying to connect to a Oracle database in the amazon AWS cloud via SQL developer.

      Unfortunately I consistently fail with different connection errors

      Bei der Ausführung des angeforderten Vorgangs ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:

      I/O-Fehler: General SSLEngine problem, connect lapse 629 ms., Authentication lapse 0 ms.

      Herstellercode 17002


      Another connection error I had:

      Handshake error


      I tried to follow this example and a few others:



      Current JDK version: Build 1.8.0_181-b13

      Current SQL Developer version:  Version

      I'm working under Mac OSX El Captain: 10.11.6


      I also tried to install the certificates over the Java GUI but didn't help either:

      Can't install on System and I get an password error when I try to upload it unter "User">"client authentication".


      I'm out of ideas...


      Thanks ahead,


      Tobias Arnhold