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    11g to 12c Upgrade: Merging two security stores in 11g to one security store in 12c


      We are upgrading from OBIEE 11g to OBIEE 12c.

      We have two different 11g environments which we want to merge in 12c. Each 11g environment has it's own security stores where roles are different from each other.

      During upgrade process we first migrated 1st 11g environment and could see all roles in 12c from it. Then we migrated 2nd 11g environment to same 12c environment what we found is that after migration, security store from 2nd 11g environment had over written the security store from 1st 11g environement. So our 12c environment now has the records from roles from 2nd 11g environment.


      Is there anyway we can retain security stores from both 11g stores into 12c environment?