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    Upgrade EBS 12.0 to 12.2.6


      EBS 12.0.6   to  12.2.6

      Db in 12c already



      Hi ALL,


      I got below upgrade tasks per ebs docs


      Assuming the original developers/programmers have resigned long time ago.

      and no proper documentations have been turned over ( or lost )


      1. Backup the database.


      2. If there are any customizations, backup the customized help files (html).

          >How do I know if we have customized help files?


      3. If you have customized forms with Oracle Forms 6i,

          then upgrade them to Oracle Forms 10i after the upgrade

          > How do I know if we have customized forms with Oracle Forms 6i


      4. Drop event alert triggers in custom schemas (conditional):

         To drop all event alert database triggers in custom schemas,

         run the alrdtrig.sql script, located in $ALR_TOP/patch/115/sql.

         Re-create the triggers after the upgrade is complete.

         >How do I backup the source code so I can re-create it later?



      Please help....



      Kind regads,