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    Preparing for the Upgrade 2-5


      EBS 12.0.6 upgrade to 12.2.6 or 12.2.7

      12c database


      Oracle® E-Business Suite

      Upgrade Guide

      Release 12.0 and 12.1 to 12.2

      Part No. E48839-16

      September 2017


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      In page 2-5 of above doc, How do I know if we have Subledger Accounting?


      Perform this task if you are using Oracle Subledger Accounting.

      1. Clean up Advance Queues from prior Create Accounting processes before

      enabling EBR.

      Applies to 12.0 and 12.1 release levels.

      2-6 Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide

      Apply patch 13420532:R12.XLA.A when upgrading from Release 12.0.x and apply

      Patch 13420532:R12.XLA.B when upgrading from Release 12.1.x to clean up

      temporary advance queues that were created by prior Create Accounting program

      processes. Pending Advance Queues of completed Create Accounting processes do

      not create upgrade issues, but must be cleaned up for EBR.

      Note: You can perform this pre-upgrade step while the preupgrade

      system is online.



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