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    Migrating 12c Database from Oracle Linux 6 to Oracle Linux 7 Server

    Kev Molyneux



      We need to migrate our Oracle 12c database (Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production) from a physical server to a VM server. The source database is running on an Oracle Linux 6 server and the new VM server will be running Oracle Linux 7, the Oracle RDBMS software will be the exact same version patched to the same patchset on both servers. As the source and destination operating systems are both Oracle Linux and only a single version difference, can the database be migrated using a closed database backup or, as the OS versions are not exactly the same, is expdp/impdp the only method to migrate? Expdp/impdb would be possible, however the vendors of the application running on the database we are migrating are no longer in business and we know from prior experience they created a number of objects in the sys and system schemas which would not be included in an expdp and without their support would have difficulty making sure all required objects were moved.


      All blogs/posts I have read state the OS must be the same, I understand this if moving across platforms from Windows to Unix for example but wondered if it was the same if the platform is the same but a version difference.


      Many Thanks