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    Trying to Write Multi-Threaded Jython Script To Start Managed Servers


      Hello WLST Experts!


      I am trying, at the request of the team that deploys releases, to write a Jython/WLST script that is able to create a new thread for each host in an environment and start the managed servers on said hosts. This seems easy in principle as one would just create a new thread for each host but in practice this is very difficult. Additionally, I found on a web page that writing a multi-threaded WLST script is not possible. Please read the first sentence of the first paragraph in the following web page: Access to multiple WebLogic servers or domains in parallel


      This sentence states, " The connect operation is always the most expensive operation. In large environments where many servers and any domains are involved and have to be monitored, concurrent access to multiple servers or domains is not possible with WLST."


      So is creating a multi-threaded WLST script impossible? I saw a previous thread that went unanswered regarding starting managed servers in parallel. That thread is archived and located at the following URL: Re: How to start managed servers simultaneously using WLST?


      I have some working code I am trying but the code does not work. I will try to share once I sanitize it for public consumption. Debugging multi-threaded scripts is twice as difficult as there is twice as much text printed at the same time! :/


      Thank-you for taking the time to read this.