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    Automated Cache Purge




      I have requirement to clear cache after data load to make sure that we read current facts and aggregates.


      First what I have noticed, we have "strange" connection in RPD in physical layer. Any idea what it can be and how it can be used?



      It has interesting tab Connection Scripts, but I do not have a clue how it can be used. Any suggestions?


      I have read this article: https://www.rittmanmead.com/blog/2015/09/obiee-bi-server-cache-management-strategies/ , but don't know where to start with.

      Official Oracle documentation is clear enough either: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/bi.1111/e10541/querycaching.htm#BIESG248


      Or maybe I just don't see this?

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          V Khanna



          You can use the connection pool created to clear cache using the nqcmd utility or you can use the analyticsweb data source from the odnc.ini. Below are more details for the nqcmd utility in windows environment. 


          nqcmd location : D:\oracle\product\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin

          syntax : nqcmd -d Datasourcename -u userid -p password -s script.txt -o output.log

          example  : nqcmd -d AnalyticsWeb -u weblogic-p ****** -s D:\oracle\scripts\purge\purge_cache.txt -o D:\oracle\scripts\purge\logs\Purge.log


          Contents of the puge_cache.txt: 

          Call SAPurgeCacheByDatabase ('database name');

          Call SAPurgeCacheAllCache ();


          You can add the above to a script and have a process to run the cache purge upon completion of the ETL loads.



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            Christian Berg
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              Thank you very much for your answers.


              Before I received it I have tried by myself.

              And the re is one trick about this setup.


              nqcmd is available in two locations:

              • Oracle_Home/bi/bifoundation/server/bin/
              • Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin/


              On one of the pages I have found info that file from first location should be used.

              But it was returning error:

              [DataDirect][ODBC lib] System information file not found. Please check the ODBCINI environment variable.

              Connect open failed


              After changing path to user_projects, it works

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                Thank you Christian.

                Unfortunately it was not clear for me how exactly I have use it, as in description they are executing nqcmd.exe and from Windows cmd.

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                  Christian Berg

                  What's not clear about it?