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    Couldn't login to Oracle Utility Work and Asset Management Application when the Node hosting the Shared Drive is down


      We have created a WebLogic Cluster (Node 1 with AdminServer and ClusterServer_1, Node 2 with ClusterServer_2). Node 1 is the server with the local drive hosting the Oracle Untility (Work and Asset Management V2.2.0.1) and presenting the drive to Node 2.  When node 1 is down, the application is still up, but when trying to login, it encountered an error saying it couldn't access the keystores file in the shared drive. We have another WebLogic Cluster for Oracle Utility (Customer To Meter V2., which has identical setup, and when Node 1 down, it run authentication without trying to access the keystore file in the missing drive.


      Anyone know what setup in application remove the authentication dependency on the keystore file?


      We are using WebLogic with Oracle Utility Customer To Meter V2. which doesn't depending on the keystores file for authentication,  also Work and Asset Management V2.2.0.1, which seemed to depend on keystore file for authentication.


      Any help is appreciated.