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    Dashboard Prompt Using


      Using the delivered OBIA Finance subject areas, I am trying to populate a prompt with only those  items in GL Segment 5 that have a record in a particular budget ledger in the Budget Ledger.  I can create a small analysis using the Finance - Budgetary Control - Detail Transactions subject area using the GL Segment 5 code, the transaction amount, and the Budget Ledger Short Name, filtering on the Budget Ledger Short Name for the correct one and get the list I want, but I don't know how to translate that to something that will work in the prompt.


      A more general question would be how to create the sql for a prompt that involves more than one table?


      Hoping someone can help!


      - Darlene Hopkins

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          Jerry Casey

          Hi Darlene,
          If you've written a simple query that returns the values you want to see in the prompt, you can copy that SQL from the Advanced tab, and put it into your prompt.

          I usually delete the "s_0"- type references(highlighted), and in the example below, I'd place my "Contracts"."Fund Source Code" into the ORDER BY statement.

          I'm not sure this answers the multiple tables aspect of your question, but it's a start.

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            Robert Angel

            As a shortcut you might want to try using OBIEE to generate the sql.


            i.e. If you can create the analysis in answers that gives exactly what you want for the prompt then you can then set your diagnostics high, view the log file, get the physical sql and just copy that into the prompt area.