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    APEX 18: (label) icon not showing after ugrade

    Jos Dols



      In our current application (5.1.3) we changed the icon for rquired items:


      This is the custom css to achieve this:


      .t-Form-fieldContainer.is-required .t-Form-label:after, .t-Form-fieldContainer.is-required .t-Form-label:before {



      1.    color: #00aada;
      2.    content: "\f111";
      3.    font-family: font-apex!important;
      4.    font-size: 7px;
      5.    padding-left: 5px;
      6.    padding-bottom: 3px;
      7.    margin-left: 0!important;



      After upgrade to APEX 18 (latest) the label looks like this:


      I know there are some really css expert in this forum, so any suggestions are welcome.