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      • 15. Re: adop phase=fs_clone    error
        Althaf Khan-Oracle



        1) Guess that you have incorrect value for s_ohs_installed in the context file


        2) The correct value is---> generateEBSOHSConfigFiles


        3) Set it as mentioned in step 2 in the context file and Run autoconfig.


        4) Run --> adop -validate which validates all the settings if it exists with status 0 proceed with fs_clone


        NOTE:-Refer the document

        Autoconfig variable " s_ohs_installed" for 12.2 (Doc ID 1913777.1)




        • 16. Re: adop phase=fs_clone    error



          This error is related to  ad_adop_session_patches table is not updated properly.

          Or May be huge number of invalid objects are there.


          To resolve this issue -
          1. Recompile all apps schema invalid objects using adadmin. >> Continue running it again and again until invalid objects are significantly low.
          2. share the ad_adop_session_patches table details for the patch session.




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