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    12.1.3 database adapter to process 25k records


      Hi All,


      Seeking your expert advice on the best approach to handle the below scenario.


      I am using 12.1.3 version SOA suite.

      I have a BPEL process which is scheduled to run on a daily basis.In that my database adapter is running a select query on a database and expects around 25 k records which then needs to be pushed to down streams.My two key points...


      1.records are in sequence so needs to be processed in sequence

      2.I have to update a water mark with the last record processed on a day.


      What is the best approach to handle this scenario.I have to do this using SOA suite only.


      My current approach is I am putting a maximumm number of record read (say 500) in database adapter and call my BPEL process again from within the flow to process next 500 and so on.

      In this way I am maintaining the sequence and watermark as well.


      Is there any better way to handle this scenario?