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    Data model using ApplicationDB_HCM


      I'm trying to write a SQL query from the ApplicationDB_HCM data source, because the obiee data source is limiting my reports, my company hasn't gone live yet so the OBIEE data source is limited to whatever test information they have placed in the environment. I need to be able to select from the other database in my query in order to pull true data and make sure my reports are displaying the correct information.


      My question is, is there anyway to know the database hierarchy for that data source without having access to the RPD? I.E table and column names. I know that the ETL developers haven't added any customization to the database because the report developer in the next department is able to select data off of memory for his reports from his past years of experience with Oracle. Unfortunately this is my first time working with Oracle and I have no idea how the tables or columns are being named.


      Am I going to have to ask for access to the RPD to look these names up? or is there some information online somewhere that i can look up the table and column names?