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    Difference between ATG MVC Rest & ATG JAX RS(11.3)


      Hi All,

      I wanted to know the Architectural and functional difference between the ATG MVC and ATG JAX RS feature introduced in 11.3 version to expose Rest APIs.



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          Hello Ram,


          The Oracle Commerce Platform REST framework supports the JAX-RS standard with Jersey as the underlying implementation.

          The Jersey configuration defines the components of the JAX-RS application, such as resource classes and components, filters, and additional metadata.

          Whereas, The REST MVC framework leverages existing droplets, form handlers and components, creating an API that can be extended easily. You can build REST services in a modular format by combining model producers. URLs are explicitly defined in a registry, making access to REST URLs secure. Using access controllers defined in your applications, you can restrict who or under what conditions REST URLs can be accessed. All properties that are used in REST calls can be filtered, which reduces the amount of information that must be transferred.


          Architectural Framework described in the below links

          Oracle Commerce Platform JAX-RS Framework

          REST MVC Service Flow Example


          Some key capabilities of the JAX-RS framework are:

          -Annotation-based resource development

          -XML-based filtering and validation schema support, which is easily configured and extensible with configuration layering

          -The ability to control the fields and links in the response and request representation of a resource

          -User authentication using OAuth


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            Hi Krishna,


            Thanks for the explanation.

            In case of customized OOTB droplets/form handlers, how jax-rs implementation can be done as it would only invoke the OOTB components provided by JAX RS in ATG 11.3.


            Any example would be helpful.


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              Hi All,

              Wanted to know how to customise the request/response of OOTB JAX-RS components. Whether we need to override getRepresentationModelBuilder  or is there some other approach..?