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    RPD Errors - "is not associated with any table(s)."

    Charles M

      Hi All,


      I need to fix two RPD errors, as part of an upgrade we are doing. I found the specific errors in the upgrade logs and was able to trace them back to one of the RPD's it was patching/merging.


      Business Model Core:

      [38120] Dimension '"Core"."SIA Instructor Snapshot"' is not associated with any table(s).

      [38120] Dimension '"Core"."SIA Scholar Snapshot"' is not associated with any table(s).



      I haven't been able to find very much information on this type of stuff (one Ateam article, and one community discussion). Does anyone have any suggestions? Realistically, we don't even need these objects for anything. Not sure if it is simpler to "drop" them ... or fix them.


      Thanks in advance!


      OBIEE - Bi Apps





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