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    Bundles / Kits in Configurator ?

    Akhil Agarwal

      Has anyone comes across the requirement / solution to enable bundles / Kits in Configurator ?

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          That shouldn't be a problem.  Its been a while since I had the requirement, but I recall working with PTO Kits as components of PTO Option Classes.  For example, you can have a PTO Option Class that contains items of type PTO Kit.  The UI can display the OC directly and the user can choose the kits.  Or you can have a guided selling UI and enable rules that select the kit items based on the user's selections.


          The PTO Kit item would not be the "pickable" item on the sales order.  The PTO Kit item returned by configurator will be exploded based on OM Settings.  The exploded components in the PTO Kit BOM would be the pickable items.


          There might have been some conditions on when this functionality was made available.  But I think it should work.  Have you seen that this is not the case?


          Alternatively, you can use a PTO Model that contains PTO Option Classes.  The PTO Option classes can have non-kit standard items.  The items that you select from the PTO Option Class would be "picked" items.



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            Akhil Agarwal

            Hi Jason,

            Thanks for your prompt reply.

            My question was more towards an assemble to order scenario (ATO model) where business wants to sell kits (multiple parts clubbed together, priced together). As per my understanding we wont be able to add a PTO Kit inside an ATO model or OC.

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              You are right - i don't think that is allowed.  You could define alternate part numbers that are Phantom items - but without the Pick To Order attribute turned on.  Problem is you would have to maintain two part numbers.  One PTO Kit for cases where you might sell just the kit by itself.  And another Phantom assembly for cases where you want to include the kit of items in an ATO BOM.  In both cases, the Bill of the KIT and Phantom Assembly would be identical.  Just a difference on the attributes of the parent item.

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                Akhil Agarwal

                In that case how does it works ? If we uncheck the Pick components flags and keep everything same then when we select the part in configurator does it still explode into child components at the time of order booking ?

                (just trying to understand more )