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    How to keep AP and AR Invoice hold in Dropshipments


      How to keep AP and AR Invoice hold in Dropshipments?

      Customer request goods in Europe region

      Book the Sales order with source as EXTERNAL

      Run workflow back ground process

      Sales order Status changes to AWAITING RECEIPT

      Data populates in Requisition interface Tables

      Run Requisition Import program to create Purchase requisition in OU.

      Requisition should be created with auto approved.

      Requisition should be populated with VENDOR CPA/BPA document number (need to check feasibility to populate CPA number automatically in PR document).

      PO should be released automatically through Purchase Release Program

      PO should go for approval (Trigger to approve the PO possible)

      Once PO is approved, PO should be communicated to Supplier


      Transaction Flow:

      Supplier sends goods to Customer from USA.

      Once supplier sends goods, Business places PO Receipts in the system (Logical Receipts).

      As physical goods takes time to reach from USA to Europe.

      Till that time we need to keep the AP Invoice hold till Vessel /Product reaches physically to Customer in Europe.

      Once its reaches we need to release hold for creating AP or AR Invoice in the system.



      Is there any control to keep AP invoices hold till products reaches physically with seeded functionality? or customization or Trigger is required to achieve my requirement?

      Feasibility to approve PR automatically?

      Feasibility to integrate approval of PO Process with for particular Supplier?

      Is there any control to keep AR Invoice hold till products reaches physically, there is customer acceptance for normal shipments, is it applies to Dropship orders as well?


      Please suggest.