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    Question about adding Ideas


      Hi. I wish to add an enhancement request via Ideas. The Space I want to add it to has Ideas. But I do not have a Create Idea Action, only Create Discussion. I have the same Actions list from the Overview tab as the Ideas tab, see below. Am I not looking in the right place or is this a security issue of some sort?




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          Whilst many spaces may have an Ideas space within them, not all of those are enabled for people to post ideas.

          Having an Ideas space enabled, requires someone internally within Oracle to be monitoring and managing those ideas, with a view to either implementing them, rejecting them, or discussing them etc.

          In the case of the space you're showing it looks like it once had the Ideas space enabled for a short time, but then it was disabled; probably after realising that it was not been managed from within Oracle.

          If I recall correctly, there is a PeopleSoft space in the MOSC community, which IS monitored by Oracle staff in that area, and for which any product suggestions would be taken on board, but MOSC and this developer community are managed separately (even though they run on the same platform and use single sign on)

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            There are several PeopleSoft subspaces in the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC), which is available to customers with an active Oracle Support account, and ideas are enabled there - see PeopleSoft (MOSC)

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