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    oracle 18c xe on linux centos 7 problem with autentification required XDB


      Hi all

      I m installing oracle xe 18c on centos linux 7



      I m installing centos 7 as vm on virtual box, then run all preinstall steps and load 3 package

      and then I m installing oracle 18 c xe as oracle user

      with @apexins sysaux sysaux temp /i/

      then @apex_epg_config /home/oracle

      and all pass with no any erorr

      I can open on and working ok all

      I m run on sqldeveloper ords and connect with oracle 18 c xe but theres still error login xdb and cant acces to apex




      Any idea how can I acces to oracle apex 18 ?

      Whats user name and password (I have unlock xdb on xe and change password but error stil exist)