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    Withholding Setup Issues (Doubling Up and Not Defaulting on Voucher)


      Hello All,


          My first go around setting up a Withholding went well in the test environment but once implemented in production is not working as tested.    One of our overseas office requires a 3% withholding on certain vendors.   This is straight forward so the rule states between 0 and 999 billion calculate at 3%.    My issues are below.


      1.  First when a voucher is created where a vendor has the withholding information applied the voucher does not default to be withholding applicable.   The user has to click on the Withholding link via the Invoice Information tab and check withholding applicable.    This was working fine to default in the test environment.


      2.  When the user does click the withholding applicable and saves/posts the voucher (our entity is set to withhold at voucher posting) the amount being calculated to witheld is doubling up at 6%.   I've checked the configuration several times as I had screen shots form the test environment (unfortunately  this environment has been refreshed so I can't go back) and everything looks the same.


          Am I missing a step in either of these.   The setup of the vendor is not done by myself but it looks good when I checked regarding the withholding.