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    IR Report Header content - not displaying all data for Union Query

    Mr Neil

      Hi all,


      Application Express

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


      I have an Iinteractive report with a query that includes data depending on the user. Concept example below:



      Select * from x

      where private_data is null


      union all


      Select * from x

      where private_data is not null and :APP_USER = 'SPECIAL_USER'



      or done via a different way...


      Select * from x


      (private_data is null or

      private_data is not null and :APP_USER = 'SPECIAL_USER'




      When these queries are used a single click on the Interactive report header produces and incomplete list of values. It does not list all the available options in that column.

      It does this inconsistently, with some columns producing all values, and others not. Also, column with missing values prevuiously can have full list of values next day.


      There is no problem with ACTIONS -> FILTER method. All data can be specified here and filtering will work.


      Is there any information on the header functionality or work arounds that will solve this?

      Or a better method of query that will solve this?