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    OBIEE 12c: Substring Dashboard prompt

    Carsten Weber

      Hi guys,


      fist of all I want to state my versions I am using for the upcoming scenario / question:


      OBIEE: Version

      OBI Administration Tool: Version

      Oracle Essbase: Version


      We are trying to implement a dashboard prompt which is directed to an analysis within Oracle BI Anwsers.


      The data retrieved is stored within a dimension in our Oracle Essbase cube.


      Dimension name: Station

      Data value pattern: AP_ABC, AP_DEF, AP_GHI, etc. (where AP_ is a fix component / prefix)


      Now we are trying to substring all values within the dimension without showing the prefix using the following formula within the dashboard prompt: SUBSTRING(Station FROM 4 FOR 3)


      Within the dashboard it then shows me the correct values for selection: ABC, DEF, GHI, etc.


      The problem occurs when commiting the prompt as the analysis does not show any results.


      I have already searched within the OTN but did not find any solution so far. Maybe someone can help me out on this matter?


      Best regards and thanks in advance