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    How long a backup is guaranteed using control file?




      If a perform a full database backup and I'm using control file instead of catalog, How long it will be available to restore it?


      What I want to do is perform a full backup every Saturday and then Differential Incremental backups from Sunday to Friday. Today is Monday, so I would like to be sure I can restore to last Wednesday, and for that I would need not last Saturday full backup but two previous Saturday full backup (I hope I'm explaining right).


      Sat(FBK)         Wen         Sat      Mon



      As a start point I think I should change the parameter Control_File_Record_Keep_Time from 7 (default) to 15.


      How should I configure database and RMAN to be sure a full backup is kept at least 15 o 20 days?


      Thank you for your help.